My name is Brandon Price. It’s beentwo decades since I was diagnosed with tinnitus at the age of 18 due to a car accident that damaged my eardrums. It has been a pretty rough 20 years but just a couple of years ago; I found something that would change my life. But before that, let me tell you a bit about myself. Straight out of high school, I joined my uncle to help him fix cars in his auto shop. I didn’t have enough money back then to put myself through college so I decided to take 2 or 3 years off to save up and get stable streams of income.

A year later, I found myself in an accident that led me to my condition now. But I didn’t let this stop me, by the time I reached my second year, I made enough to take a business degree in Boston College. I graduated as a working student after 7 years and landed my first job as broker in Wall Street. A couple of years later, I met a man who would change my life, Michael Woods.

Mike also suffers from tinnitus but he was able to find a way to make it more bearable. With herbal medicine, he gave himself a better quality of life. He learned about my condition and told me to give something a try. Within a matter of seconds, I felt something I thought I would not be able to feel in so long, tranquility. With his help, I was able to start doing everything properly.

In 2016, Mike launched Quart an herbal remedies company. He introduced the company with Tranquillis, an herbal remedy for tinnitus. Since then the team has been looking for herbal remedies for all sorts of conditions.